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I also quite enjoyed the issue. I didn't find Verity that annoying. I think it would have been nice if some information had been given as to what's on the computer the Decepticons are after that makes it so valuable.

Also, there's a "contest" at the end to guess all the TF that are on the inside cover. The first one to mail in their response (and is correct) wins. Unfortunately for me, outside of Megs and Prime, I got nothing.

Blaster: "Grimlock, look over there!"

Grimlock: "You think Grimlock stupid, fall for trick."

Blaster: "Well, yes and no. Yes, I think you're stupid. But no, it's not a trick."

*Decepticons attack while Blaster and Grimlock battle for leadersihp of the Autobots, Issue #41*
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