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Originally posted by Repticon
I wasnīt talking about that at all! I donīt expect every character to be overcute and much less wearing revealing suits. Looking at your homepage, I think your pencil work is great, seriously (and letīs be clear, I love the way you draw TFs). My main problem with the art of Prelude to Infiltration are the colors. IMO they "hurt" your artwork.

Humans can be drawn a plethora of different ways. Its really a matter of taste whether you prefer more abstract renditions, which I think manga falls into, or a more realistic approach, the ideal example being the paintings of Alex Ross.

I would say E.J.s rendition is closer to manga. Someone who prefers an Alex Ross style isn't going to be to keen on E.J.'s style.

What amazes me is how much emphasis TF fans place on how humans are drawn in a comic of giant warring robots. Get over it! Who the hell cares, as long as the bots are kickass.

E.J., I don't care if you draw stick figures for humans, as long as you keep drawing the bots like you do.
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