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Originally posted by Repticon
Joe Madureira

I'm thankful we don't have him near Transformers. Not only does his treatment of anatomy tend towards the burlesque, he also exaggerates robots... such as the infamous 'Prime with a pinhead' sketch:


Tending towards caricature. Strangely small hips.


I like his Batman/Supergirl from the recent arc. His Wonder Woman would fall over if she actually had those breasts.

Jim Lee:

Doesn't slip up to nearly the same extent many artists do, although Batman as a muscleman is ironically more beefy than his Superman there. (edit: He also has a fondness for WW's breasts, apparently.)

Jae Lee:

Now we're getting somewhere. The impression I've gained in the past is that he tends to use a lot of photo references. He intentionally aims for that level of realism in a lot of his work.


In general, his style is realistic backgrounds and framing with people gaining one or more defining slight exaggerations (such as the male cop in this piece for Crossfall.) Despite the shading and light sources being part of the artwork, surfaces are usually kept clean and edges are defined.

What I'm trying to get at is that any exaggeration is controlled. You've got realistic, you've got cartoony.
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