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Passable. It did what a preview should do really - it's given a brief intro to the EDGY chick and the weird bloke, so hopefully the same thing won't clog up the first issue when it arrives. It basically covered as much ground as the first half of DW Vol. 1, getting the poor stuff out of the way [like I say, hopefully] so we can have a proper story next month.

The art was quite nice, but then Pat could do passable humans. Verity, well, I'm not as in love with her as Furman clearly is, but she should get better when we're not having the fact she's a kid involved with Transformers who isn't a clean-cut little swot crammed down our throat.

Reasons to be hopeful, but not something I expect I'll re-read that often once something with substance arrives.

Oh, and is that speech-bubble meant to be half-faded?
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