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Originally posted by Alpha Trion
Nah, Megas are between the Deluxe and Ultra points. For some reason, Megas in Energon are $20 and Ultra are $25, while Ultras in Universe (stuff like Optimus Primal, Razorclaw, King Atlas, Tankor/Obsidian) are only $20. I can't think of any Universe Megas offhand; don't think there are any.
There arenít any Universe Megas that I'm aware of...not so far, anyway. Originally the line was only Ultra and Deluxes, though I imagine the Micromaster combiner parts are selling at a Basic price point.

The reason for the price difference between Universe and Energon Ultra is probably that the toys in the Armada series were all a bit oversized. Mega sized figures (or whatever silly thing they called them in Armada) like Overload and the Seekers stood at the same height as old, BW-era Ultra molds like the one used for Universe Razorclaw, while the Armada Ultras like Megatron and Jetfire absolutely dwarfed him. So at the time it would have made more sense to give the Universe Ultras a price point closer to the Armada Megas. And since Energon figures seem to sell at the same price points as their Armada predecessors, that disparity would still be there.

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