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The first waves are still on the shelves while subsequent waves sold out pretty quickly in places I've seen some evidence of them (the odd Snowcat or Demolishor).

As for what Tom said, the main problem with the first wave wasn't so much the two figures destined to warm shelves for months to come but the lack of variety that caused so many of said figures to take up space. There were two Ultra figures available at launch - Ironhide and Jetfire and there seemed to be more Ironhides than Jetfires in the initial cases. There were only three Deluxe figures in the first wave - Hot Shot, Inferno, and Starscream. The Basic figures, with more figures available in the first wave, had fewer problems being restocked despite having some unappealing molds.

I don't doubt that Hasbro was unaware that certain figures from Wave 1 would sell so poorly, but a wider variety of figures would have prevented situations we've been running across since Wave 2 came out. Wave 2 hurt a lot because along with the Rodimus and Prowls were more Hot Shots and Ironhides. I don't know about the Ultras because I never saw them in my state because Ironhides from the first wave last December have been sitting in that pricepoint up until very recently. Even in my area we still have nothing but Ironhide (with the odd Jetfire) in the Ultra sections.

I personally think Hasbro pushed Ironhide so heavily at the Ultra pricepoint in hopes that the tie-in cartoon would sell the character. I also think it's likely that the line was rushed in order to get it out just prior to Christmas in order to try and get in some holiday money on the franchise since Armada had just finished a month or two prior.

I know it can't necessarily be blamed on Hasbro, but I do think there were some decisions made early in the line that hurt it during the spring and summer months. However, none of that will likely matter if they can get more figures on the shelves in time for the holidays since that's when they plan on making most of their sales anyway.

Anyone think we should snip the toy discussion and move it to Toys?
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