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Originally posted by Alpha Trion
Oh yeah, I'd completely forgotten about the Classics line. I know next to nothing about it, however, so I couldn't say if either figure was used there.
Wheeljack was IIRC. Not sure about Sunstreaker, though.

Originally posted by davetherave
It's not illegal to copy your own molds. And the safety issue can be sorted. They did it with prime and they do it withh all non Japanese TFs all the time. Nothing is impossible, it's simply down to someone in the company with the authority to say to get the job done.
I might toss in the analogy of comic book companies in the process of reprinting older stories running into problems when the original material has been damaged. They occasionally simply scan the respective pages from the original release. I don't see why an analogous process should be deemed legally questionable for HasTak, especially since the quality of toy molds restored via reverse-engineering should still be several classes ahead of scanned comic book pages.

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