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Considering the amount of knock offs, A whole devastator has more parts than sunstreaker & is only 5. With a bit of love and care or better techniques those knock off molds could be as good as the real thing. As many people seem as interested in devastator as sunstreaker, I still thinki it's cost effective. hasbro and Takara do many things that begs belief, so I don't buy their excuses of lost molds. Im just using sunstreaker and devastator as examples.

But their have been many knock offs which aren't that bad, I have a zone diatlus that ain't tobad, if they used better materials and stickers it would be almost perfect.

If predaking's molds were broken or lost, this reissue could show they maybe pulling their finger out. I think we were all shocked when we saw MP Convoy. I just want some continuity in the lines & I want people to stop saying why aren't they releasing this mold and that etc. Why figures like hoist when there is so much better stuff like soundwave.
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