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- The story concerns them trying to save their home planet. It is a direct sequel to Armada and Energon, taking place several years after Energon.
- There will be new human characters, I believe they said most or all of the existing humans will be gone.
The existing human characters should be gone. They'd all be dead from old age!

- Arcee is small for financial reasons and because they didn't think she'd appeal to the main market. Michelle said 7 year old boys don't want a $15 woman.

- They have no plans for more female characters but they heard us loud and clear that we want them.
In that case, stick them in one of the other lines. Why not Alternators? I'm sure we would fight through the toy aisles for Alternator Elita-1, Chromia, Firestar, and Moonracer. Heck, you could recolor some of the Spy Changers as yet unused for G1 homages and I'm sure we'd swallow our Spy Changer overdose sickness long enough to grab them. Just be sure to add tech specs to these gals.

- No more Dinobots planned after Grimlock and Swoop.
Aw, Slag!

- The face on Insecticon is just some sort of "lucky accident". Ooooook.

- No plans for Soundwave (BOOOOOOO!)
I'd go for a Soundblaster with Buzzsaw, though.

- Will we see Dirgegun released here? Direct quote "Not him....". Sounded like "not him, but maybe someone similar". Thrustol?

- Techspecs should be updated more often but the web designer has been backlogged. Sorry. No, we won't see them on boxes for the same reason as always, they'd have to be trilingual.
I can understand and forgive the web designer, but I still want them with the toys themselves. If they can't put them on the packages, then they ought to include them in the packages as an insert.

exclusive [this,] exclusive [that,] exclusive [something else....]
I've never much liked exclusives, mostly because they're so dang hard to get.
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