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Originally posted by Sir Auros
Not too keen on the gestalts being sold separately...scalpers are going to have a damn field day with that.
What's worse is that since each gestalt will only have two different molds for limbs, with the other two limbs being repaints of the first two, and Hasbro not wanting to have repaints on the shelves at the same time as the other versions of the molds, you'll be seeing three gestalt parts in stores first and then gonna have to wait several months before the other limbs become available...

However, the funniest thing is this:

To keep Alts a surprise Hasboro has asked people to stop buying Protos and Test Shots on Ebay, so collecter can get information through places like, basics no one buys no one sells
Translation: "Please stop buying them so we won't get scooped again!"
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