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inflatable dalek 2016-06-22 08:48 PM

The ridiculous thing here the fact Ex-RID was renumbering was mentioned casually almost immediately. Doing the same with MTMTE would have avoided So much needless aggravation.

Warcry 2016-06-22 08:52 PM


Originally Posted by Patapsco (Post 759436)
And there we have it. MtMtE season 2 ends, we go to Titans Return and Season 3 will be back as a soft reboot as number 1. So stop flailing and wailing

Considering the last few crossovers have done nothing but derail plotlines and steal away major characters with dangling plot threads, you'll forgive me for thinking things are headed for a cliff when it turns out that there's a combined crossover/relaunch/forced merging with other fictional properties looming in the near future. All three of those things have a reputation for ruining comics, but all three at once? It'll be a miracle if the book doesn't suffer for it.

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