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Brendocon 2.0 2016-01-04 10:12 PM

In news that's about as shocking as George RR Martin missing his deadline, Michael Bay is going to be doing Transformers 5: Rise of the Duocons.

Red Dave Prime 2016-01-04 10:50 PM

ah well. so much for that one. Still fingers crossed that Transformers 6: Bumblebees awfully big adventure turns out ok.

Just curious (as its that kinda thread) - if not Bay, than whom (realistically)? I might swing a bag of cash at Peter Berg, directed Battleship. I know its a ropey film but he handles the effects well, already worked with Hasbro and has some other better films under his belt (nothing great but I've a soft spot for Hancock and Very Bad Things was good too). Would also through a side bet at Jon Favreau. Iron Mans good, IM2 and Cowboys and Aliens are both ropey films but directed well enough (script issues in both). Also Elf!

Patapsco 2016-01-04 11:15 PM

well a decent script and story would do for starters. Could Christopher Nolan done anything with AoE aside from looking at the first hour and saying "nope, there's 45 minutes of filler here, it's gone"?

Red Dave Prime 2016-01-05 04:51 PM

I do wonder that - how much can bay affect the script? Would Spielberg still have to show the same clunky scenes, suffered the same 1d characterisation and the same ropey cube transformation effect? Id imagine so. But bay does have way too much slow mo/ spinny camera pans in his movie. Reckon you could knock 30 minutes of establishing shots out of that film. Lord of the rings is similar - every ****ing time we change location we have to set the scene and show the fellowship walking from a distance even though the biggest idiot will realise a change in scene.

Cliffjumper 2016-01-05 07:35 PM

Sadly I think a lot of it is Bay, TBH - something like Pain and Gain, where he had huge artistic control, still has a lot of the same problems. Thing is I'm not sure how much these things are problem for your average cinemagoer; there's a lot of feedback avaliable to studios now, who don't really listen to critics or even users on things like IMDB, but to the audience exit polls and the like.

Cinema has something of a captive audience and what all four TF films do manage is to finish pretty well, so I think a lot of people finish them blown away by Optimus shooting the **** out of whatever rather than still fuming about the human character who was big shit in the first ten minutes and then barely mentioned.

Plus from somewhere some ****ing idiot has decided that even summer action films have to be 2 1/2 hours long now, and that's an unnatural length for this sort of thing. This leads to the sort of stuff that 10, 20 years ago would be cut at the draft stage being left in. It's expected now that the first half-hour, hour of popcorn films will be slow and boring.

Also for Transformers, the money is not infinite (as said above, the fourth needed to bend to filming in Hong Kong to have a complete budget). Logically even something like the desert gathering in AoE costs a lot more and takes a lot more time (which is pretty crucial) than Iron Man zapping stuff. Which makes substantial human subplots and scenes with things like the prop cars a necessity, and the cube transformations were almost certainly the reason we had an army of clones rather than the same old Protoform skellingtons (transformations in general have largely receded in the films, with a few moneyshot ones and the bulk dealt with off-screen or from behind something).

To a certain extent I think Paramount are waiting for the bottom to fall out; they've made a lot of money on the franchise, much more than they expected to, so they're not going to up the budget much beyond inflation when each one might be the flop. At the same time four times now Bay's delivered them a film on time that's gone on to make a daft amount of money, and it's difficult to see why they'd want to change that if Bay's still willing.

Patapsco 2016-02-16 11:05 PM

5, 6 & 7 have release dates, Marky Mark is back for 5 and 6 will be a Bumblebee movie because of course it will be

Red Dave Prime 2016-02-17 10:58 AM

Curious will optimus be in 5. Marketing 101 would suggest he would have to be but maybe a break would be good. Also wondering if we will ever see rodinus - wise, cracking, strong, sort of jock type, fast car mode - seems perfect for the American market especially as a bot young kids can move to once they outgrow bumblebee.

Patapsco 2016-02-17 07:01 PM


Originally Posted by Red Dave Prime (Post 756330)
Curious will optimus be in 5. Marketing 101 would suggest he would have to be but maybe a break would be good. Also wondering if we will ever see rodinus - wise, cracking, strong, sort of jock type, fast car mode - seems perfect for the American market especially as a bot young kids can move to once they outgrow bumblebee.

the best thing for number 5 would be Last Stand Of The Wreckers but with Optimus instead of Aequitas and Marky Mark instead of Verity but that ain't going to happen

Patapsco 2016-03-07 06:41 PM

So TF5 is shooting in Detroit this summer and yours truly is going to Detroit this summer (again), so I'll sniff around and see what I can see

Tetsuro 2016-03-07 08:46 PM

They should just do a freakin' Beast Wars movie.

Patapsco 2016-03-07 10:16 PM


Originally Posted by Tetsuro (Post 756642)
They should just do a freakin' Beast Wars movie.

all things are possible as they're now going down the "shared universe" route

numbat 2016-03-08 09:48 AM

I guess the Kiss Players movie will be the R rated Transformers universe answer to Deadpool then...

Patapsco 2016-04-18 08:49 AM

So it looks like we're getting totally not Verity Carlo in the new movie. I wonder which small Transformer is her buddy though

Red Dave Prime 2016-04-18 11:38 AM

With any other director I wouldn't have to say this but please Mickey Bay, leave your perv camera at home for this one.

Still surprised we have never had a hot rod/ rodimus character as the humans best friend role in any of the movies

Patapsco 2016-04-18 02:18 PM

I'd give anything for a script as coherent as Dark of The Moon, and even that wasn't exceptional

inflatable dalek 2016-04-18 06:19 PM

Presumably the perving will be saved for the older female characters (is the daughter not coming back?). Stephen Merchant should be good value if that turns out to be true.

Patapsco 2016-04-18 06:39 PM

The IMDB page only lists Marky Mark, Not Verity and Peter Cullen as cast members, and NINE writers

numbat 2016-04-25 08:46 AM


Originally Posted by Patapsco (Post 757783)
The IMDB page only lists ... NINE writers

You know what they say - more writers equals higher quality output. You know, like chefs and what-not.

Clay 2016-04-26 01:42 PM

I wonder if that's just symptomatic of the general idea for this movie coming from that writers' workshop thing, and everyone getting credit for the story germ while individuals have to actually write out a specific movie.

It's good work if you can get it.

Brendocon 2.0 2016-04-26 01:49 PM

Yeah if somebody writes out a story idea, then somebody else expands that into a script, then two more people are brought in to rewrite the script, then the director throws in some plot reworks and a lead actor comes in and insists on tweaking his dialogue... boom, they all get a writing credit.

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