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Denyer 2006-05-12 10:42 AM

IDW Beast Wars to have follow-up mini + profile book
People who've got #4 will already know this, but a bit of extra info courtesy of Ben Yee...

Hi folks,

This project is still in the works and not due out for a bit, so I can't give the farm away. Just wanted to offer some factoids:

* I am writing a Beast Wars profiles book with Simon Furman (some folks wondered if it was some *other* Ben Yee).
* Issue #1 of the BW mini gives you a hint as to whether Japanese characters will be in the books.
* The profiles will NOT just be the guys (and gals) who appeared in the TV show (because that would be one very thin book).
* There will be G1 homages and yes, characters (who became BW characters) in the book such as Grimlock. However, they are in the minority.
* This is not some haphazard assembly of characters. Before writing a single profile, Simon and I worked up an entire backstory for the Maxies and Preds taking the TV show and Beast Machines (to a lesser degree) into account.

I hope you all enjoy what you see as time goes along. We are trying to produce something cool with these profiles. If I can reveal more (or even better, hopefully IDW themselves reveal more in the coming months) I'll post it on the front page or in here.

Darth Zax 2006-05-12 11:06 AM


inflatable dalek 2006-05-12 11:24 AM

That allmost justifies having 5000 charecters hanging about doing nothing in The Gathering. Now, if they actually do somthing with them...

Aardvark 2006-05-12 02:20 PM

Corking stuff!
I would have liked to keep this a surprise until I got the issue nevertheless I was never one to have any Spoiler restraint whatsoever. I'm actually more interested in the profile book; I have to say I loved DW's MTMTE. Using these backstories and profiles as a base Furman could develop the BW cast smoothly and if all goes well BW could still be the corker we hoped it would be.

Denyer 2006-05-12 02:57 PM

It's not really a spoiler, since the next mini will be a self-contained story like this one was... hell, for all I know the Gathering cast may be dead.

Unless it'd equally be a spoiler if they'd announced "we're undergoing experimental brain acupuncture to provide plausible deniability in the event anyone should ask about a sequel."

Aardvark 2006-05-12 03:52 PM

Oh I know and in case it came across this way, I wasn't complaining, I merely meant I can't resist reading news and whatnot where it may be more enjoyable, later on, to do otherwise. If I had left it till the comic came out it would have been a nice surprise to read (You know in a vain attempt to recapture that magical feeling of Christmas morning when you were a wee tot) I can't resist reading "new information" would have been somewhat better.

Nowadays all we get is the “magic” feeling the morning after Christmas.

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