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Lord StarScream 2004-10-11 03:11 PM

New Transformer Busts
Last time I asked here no one had any info on future busts so I contacted Hardhero dirrectly.

They responded by saying they basically plan to offer new busts as long as fans buy them. There answer for new busts was and I quote.

Future busts will include Cyclonus, Galvatron, Hound, Blaster and many more.

Take it for what it is but those four sound great.

Xille 2004-10-11 03:12 PM

Not to sound cynical, but contacted them how?

If you emailed them, is there any chance you can post most of the email?

Lord StarScream 2004-10-11 03:30 PM

Oh yea so little Faith
I was unaware that we can not just trust. I have never let you astray. WEll here it is

Hi from Hard Hero
Thanks for your interest in our Transformer products.

We plan to continue the Transformer bust series as long as collectors want. Here are some of the upcoming busts planned for the near future: Cyclonus, Galvatron, Hound, Blaster and many more.
Also, we plan more full figures as well.

For X-Men and Transformers, keep watching our web site for product updates and be sure to sign up for our email updates.
click here for details

Thanks again,


Mike aka Lord StarScream

Gesani 2004-10-11 03:47 PM

its not thats thers a trust problem.. its just a verification of facts..

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