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Announcements in Forum : New Comics
2008-09-05 until 2020-10-06
Shooty Dog Thing
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Organisation of threads in this forum, SPOILER policy, etc.

Right-o, where to begin...

Expect threads to include spoilers for previous stories -- eg, in a thread about the Devastation storyline, there's very likely going to be spoilers about Escalation or Stormbringer. Conversely, please don't take spoilers about later stories into very old threads -- leave those so that people reading the stories from the beginning can read/talk about where they're at. If you must, USE SPOILER TAGS.

You can find the reading/publishing order of stories over on the main site along with lots of other info.

There's a list of Spotlight books in this thread over here.

Feel free to start separate threads to chat in, but they may get merged into the existing threads in this forum at some point -- mainly the big spoiler and non-spoiler threads for IDW books. It'd be helpful if you could quote a bit of whatever post you're replying to for this reason, to keep things reading smoothly after a merge.
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